"Teach others, Invest time, Build leaders!"
Atlanta’s Blessed Trinity & E.D.E.N. (Empowered Disciples Edifying Nations)

Blessed Trinity & E.D.E.N are praise dance ministries located in Atlanta, Georgia. The groups are made up of 16 amazing youth and young adult dancers. Blessed Trinity & E.D.E.N’s home is The True Church of The Living Faith in northwest Atlanta. These inspiring young ladies worship here weekly and offer praise and worship in spiritual dance on the fourth Sunday of each month.

The name E.D.E.N. was given to us by the Lord for our elementary aged young dancers who are striving to be empowered as disciples in an effort to edify nations through movement and a heart of worship. The name Blessed Trinity was created by joining three different groups, with three different styles of dance. The Lord has blessed the young ladies in the ability to minister a variety of dance styles from mime to liturgical, these young ladies can do it all. Our praise dancers are first and foremost a ministry and we pray daily for strength and guidance as we humbly serve the Lord.

We have been overwhelmingly blessed to be able to use our talents and gifts to minister the “Good News” of Christ to the people. Blessed Trinity & E.D.E.N. has had the opportunity to minister to a variety of churches throughout Atlanta. We have also been honored to minister throughout Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. In Summer 2009, we were fortunate enough to minister at Disney World and enjoy a vacation together. As we minister before God’s people, we pray for His grace and spiritual guidance.

Please feel free to stop by and worship with us at The True Church of The Living Faith in Atlanta.

Teach Others through the committed service of Investing Time in order to Build Leaders!




The foundation of our program is MINISTRY v/s Performance; it is a vital component to the art of praise dance. In a quest to minister at a level that is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, we must take added steps to assure our effectiveness as ministers of the gospel. The workshops proposed are for those seeking to understand the craft, build their own dance ministry, or those looking to rebuild an existing dance ministry. Taking It Back probes groups to examine the critical issue of whether they are MINISTERING or Performing before the church. Through the workshops, ministers of dance find spiritual growth and purpose as they move forward in their gift.

*Does your praise dance team know the difference between MINISTRY & Performance?
*Are your praise dancers accountable for what is presented to the church?
* Is your praise dance ministry pleasing in the sight of God?

If you answered no to any of these …

You are not alone in this feat! Many strive to do what is pleasing to God. Nevertheless sometimes, we fall short, but the Lord is there to pick us up and lead us in the right direction. As a result, the Lord has led us on a quest to encompass this lesson of Ministry v/s Performance through PRAISE DANCE WORKSHOPS & a SHOWCASE called: “Taking It Back!”. We want to take back anything that has been lost or stolen from your ministry and as we serve Him, we can build His kingdom. Equally, we are God’s catalyst for change; our focus should be ministering and winning souls for Christ. To help advance the participants understanding of “MINISTRY” through dance, we have added several additional workshops to the Taking it Back! project this year.

The workshops available for our 9th annual “Taking It Back!” 2018:

1.        MINISTRY v/s Performance
2.        Breaking Out of Tradition
3.        The Art of Prophetic Dance
4.        Tailor Made Choreography

Note: The showcase utilizes a panel of advisors charged with presenting trophies with inspirational messages to support ministries development and to offer encouragement. These tokens of appreciation are awarded for demonstrating a “Spirit of Excellence”. Praise dance is designed for an audience of one and it is shared as a gift to others. We would like it to remain a personal presentation to the Lord; as no one can truly judge praise dance. Are your praise dancers just going through the motions? If so, let us revitalize, rejuvenate and restore! As we … Teach others, Invest time, Build leaders!


Congratulations Passionate Praisers on choosing to be a part of “Taking It Back!”. We are excited to witness the Strategic Warfare that will go forth in this years’ showcase! The True Church of the Living Faith and Atlanta’s Blessed Trinity are honored to have you be a part of this very special project. This years’ “Taking It Back” Showcase mission is to touch the lives of the people through a spirit of fervent fire.

Since 2010, we have hosted this event to educate Warriors of Praise on what our gift of ministry can bring to fruition. As we evolve each year, we must continue to challenge ourselves to stray from flesh and move further into the Holy of Holies. We serve as Yielded Vessels building the kingdom and seeking the face of Emmanuel. Please remain encouraged in every aspect of the praise that you offer to the Father, and let us all strive to be more like Jehovah Tsid-kenu.


Regina M. Christian, Director

“Ministry is an offering from the heart of man to God and Performance is an offering from the flesh of man to others.”
Regina M. Christian-Massey


The basis of our showcase is MINISTRY v/s Performance. It is a crucial component to the art of praise dance. In a quest to minister at a level to what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, we must take added steps to assure our effectiveness as ministers of the gospel.

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