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Who can participate in the showcase?

The showcase is open to any minister of dance who has an understanding of the difference between MINISTRY and Performance. This showcase has something to offer to seasoned ministers as well as those just starting out. We host groups from near and far, we have had groups from Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, North & South Carolina and more. The showcase is an expansion of the morning workshops and is designed to usher in the spirit of the Lord while increasing our understanding of ministry and techniques from various genres of praise dance.

Is there a different rate offered to individuals participating?

Yes, the showcase and workshops are offered at an affordable rate to both groups and individuals. Space is limited; therefore, we formally invite ministers of dance to “teach” us the difference between MINISTRY and performance. Individuals should contact TIB directly for pricing information. Although the workshops/showcase are conducted at an inexpensive rate, the quality of instruction remains the same. Our presenters are passionate about educating praise dancers on being yielded vessels working diligently to build God’s Kingdom.

What are the benefits of participating in the “Taking It Back!” Workshops & Showcase?

The mission of the showcase is to educate praise dancers on the difference between MINISTRY and Performance. Many groups struggle with understanding the expectations placed upon them from the church and keeping in line with what the Father has called us to do as ministers. It is our prayer that in creating this event, “the body of praise-dance and other worship-arts ministers can help each other to differentiate between ministering and performing and present an excellent work to God”, as stated by His Hem Ministry. If we work collectively as a community we can fulfill the calling to bring souls to Christ and build God’s Kingdom. Click to read more about our journey.

Why is the event held in different locations each year?

As a community service project, the showcase is a school supply drive for neighboring communities. Our church is located in the heart of an impoverished area in northwest Atlanta. We aim to be of assistance to those within our community that are not financially in a position to purchase items required for the school year. As a result, each year we seek neighboring schools and communities that may benefit from such a worthwhile event. We donate tickets, school supplies and transportation to those within the community that are interested in celebrating the love of Christ through dance.

Do you have to be a member of a church to participate in this event?

Yes, as we move into a new realm of ministry we would like our showcase participants to be under a church covering. The Word says that when we are planted in the course of the Lord we flourish. (Psalms 92: 12-13) In as much, we want to move forward in our gifts, talents, and abilities in a manner that touches the lives of others. TIB is an opportunity to be a part of something even greater, and that is to educate others on what praise dance can bring forth. Keeping with our churches mission, we strive to touch the hearts of those in need and to set the captives free.

“Ministry is an offering from the heart of man to God and Performance is an offering from the flesh of man to others.”
Regina M. Christian-Massey


The basis of our showcase is MINISTRY v/s Performance. It is a crucial component to the art of praise dance. In a quest to minister at a level to what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, we must take added steps to assure our effectiveness as ministers of the gospel.

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